great joy

cattery siberian and neva masquarade cats

Dear visitors!


The nursery has made a difficult decision, Since the situation in the world is changing very dynamically, then we will temporarily work only according to your requests, that is, under the "order". Because we don't want our kittens to be useless to anyone. We are responsible for the fate of our kids.

If you are planning to take a Siberian kitten and are ready to wait, then submit an application for a kitten and we will contact you.

The application can be left HERE



mom Bellissia

dad  Zakhar

boy 1

edison ,

black classic bicolor



boy 2

epicur ,

black classic bicolor



boy 3

einstein ,

black classic bicolor



boy 4


gold tiger



boy 5

eiler ,

gold spotted with white



Litter Э , birthday 23.02.2023