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cattery siberian and neva masquarade cats




Nursery of Siberian cats and Siberians of colorful color (Neva masquerade cats) Great Joy - Great Joy I am glad to see you. My Name Is Tatiana. The nursery is located in Yekaterinburg, the capital of the Urals. to be more precise, in his suburb. Our animals really bring Great Joy to the house in which they live!

Have you noticed that living without a Siberian cat, no one greets you in the evening on soft paws, does not wake you up in the morning with loud purring and a fluffy tail? And you understand that life is not the same without a cat, and there is no comfort and elusive cat magic that helps to instantly relieve stress after a busy day. The world's best educators of kindness and responsibility in children are pets, they teach children to be responsible for those who have been tamed, to love and take care of animals.

Siberians are also one of the most intelligent breeds of cats, as a rule, they easily occupy leadership positions in the feline community, and there are real legends about their intelligence.

There is an opinion that Siberians are hypoallergenic: to be honest, we have experience selling kittens to families with allergic diseases, but it's all very individual and it's better to consult a doctor before such a responsible step.

All the animals of our kennel are regularly examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and tested for genetic diseases. Buying an animal in the Siberian cattery is a great Joy, you get a guarantee that your pet is healthy and will live with you happily ever after, please you and your family members.

Our animals are repeated winners of shows and rings, which indicates their high breed qualities. Graduates of the nursery live all over the world (for example, in France, the Netherlands and England) and bring joy to the owners. All the animals of the nursery have been tested for genetic diseases and are absolutely healthy.

You can buy a Siberian, Nevsky masquerade kitten from us or leave a request for a kitten. We will help you choose a new member of your family. We will help you with pet delivery and advice on its cultivation.

Be in the trend - get a Siberian - Great Joy!


Sincerely, Tatiana Siberian cattery Great Joy