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cattery siberian and neva masquarade cats

God created a cat so that a person could have a tiger that he could pet...


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Do you want to get a cat, but you're still thinking, hesitating, and you need good reasons?


Here are just a few reasons to make it easier for you to make a decision after weighing the pros and cons.

The first reason and the most important: for your health!
A study by scientists has shown that having a cat in the house reduces the risk of death from a heart attack by 30% for the owner. In addition, the owners' chance of finding other problems with the cardiovascular system decreases. This fact is explained by the ability of furry friends to relieve anxiety and stress, which are indispensable companions of our everyday work. The calmer a person is, the healthier his heart is. In addition, scientists have proven that cat purring occurs at a frequency of 20-150 Hz. Such a sound can accelerate wound healing, ligament and bone fusion, and also have an analgesic effect.

The second reason is the normalization of sleep and the absence of depression.
Scientists have proven that in moments of communication with cats: games, stroking, oxytocin is released in humans - the "hormone of happiness". It is thanks to him that mothers feel tenderness and awe for their newborn babies, so he is often associated with love and harmony. In addition, cozy cat purring promotes relaxation and gives a sense of security. Therefore, the mood is better and you sleep better.

The third reason is that you will always have someone waiting for you at home.
Siberians, and most cats, are very attached to people and love communication. So, as an experiment, scientists isolated several cats in a separate room without food, toys and human society. After they were released into the room where there were bowls of food, toys and people, half of the seals chose human society.

The fourth reason is the health of your children.
Scientists have proven that the presence of animals in the house from the first days of a baby's life helps the body to produce antibodies more effectively. In addition, children with furry friends in their families had a reduced risk of acquiring asthma or other allergic diseases. This has been tested and tested on your own experience!